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Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
is that like to try to report on this territory that's kind of like los angeles during earthquakes season and things just keep moving around? >> is pretty fun, but it's also pretty frustrating. it is always just a practical task of reporting on what we call dark money here. you are reporting about huge sums of money with almost no idea where it comes from, what kind of minimal ability sometimes to engage the people in charge of the money and only a partial knowledge of how it's being spent, which you can pick up sometimes by tracking advertising buys. what it's really brought home and i think about a lot of the fundamental issues of speech in regulation that at all raises. when they were kind of dancing around here is we have an irs couches basically a taxing agency that is enforcing. you have groups that operate up blind the grassroots lobbying and issue advocacy, which is more obviously election oriented. and it raises a real challenge a thing for advocates of regulation because you begin to have to decide and classify different kinds of speech cannot regulate it caused a political expe
Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a freight train to chicago if it is to get up from los angeles to chicago and at our airports and highways and bridges. do you buy that argument? >> remember, i am from a town with a major bridge collapsed, so yes i agree. i fly to lax and say jeez, we may be in a developing country. >> is the government role player? are people calling for infrastructure spending will be not only construction jobs -- >> i've got a great example. my parents are wise not to get me out of town because it is the boundary waters in minnesota. his white house they're called this the rock lighthouse. and the reason i chose that for my little business as it gets a perfect example in the absence of the investment to which government had to do to public good. no individual company would invest in that. or the wheat lands on both sides on both sides of eocene canadian border to world trade. that is the sort of investment to get government absolutely has to do. i think we would agree that we've actually done a very good job of focusing on. >> where you get the money for that now? >> the reality is we have a lot of deb
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2